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Series 1 (Stainless Case) Apple Watch

Series 1 (Stainless Case) Apple Watch

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*Activation locked devices are not accepted. Please delete the watch from your iCloud account prior to shipping to GreenBuyback.

Apple Watch Chargers Must Be Included - Watch Strap Must be included


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The Apple Watch is the newest smartwatch created and developed by Apple Inc. This new line of technology incorporates tracking for fitness and capabilities of health orientation as well as the integration with an iOS and some of the other Apple products and services. The newest device is available in three different types. These three variants are Apple Watch Edition, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch. Its different combinations of first or third party apps with interchangeable bands and cases set this device apart from the rest. The Apple Watch relies on its wireless connected iPhone from models 5 or above. This is to perform several of its functions, which are default such as calling and texting. It is compatible with different apple devices too, such as the iPhone 5 or newer to latest models running with iOS 8.2 or later. These devices are running through the use of its Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. The latest Apple watch can be ordered earlier in the Apple Store. Apple Watch is becoming more and more popular in the world today with its amazing specifications and is now quickly known as a bestselling device, which is wearable and used anytime.

Broken Condition

Has major physical issues.
     • Cracked Screen or Body
     • Doesn't Power on or Make Calls
     • Missing Buttons or Parts

Good Condition

Normal signs of everyday use.
     • No Cracks on Screen or Body
     • Powers on and Makes Calls
     • No Major Scratches or Dents
     • Must Have Clean IMEI / ESN

Perfect Condition

Must look like it has never been used.
     • Like New, No dents or Scratches Anywhere
     • No Cracks on Screen or Body
     • Everything Works Perfectly
     • Must Have Clean IMEI / ESN