Green Buy Back

Sell Your Broken Cell Phone

Don’t throw that broken phone away! Did you run over your phone? Did you drop your phone in water? Guess what? Your broken phone still has value! You can sell your broken phones to GreenBuyback. We use your broken phone’s components to help build new phones. We ensure all phones do not end up in a landfill. 

If you broke your phone why not sell it to GreenBuyback and use the cash to buy a new phone? Let us help you put cash in your pocket by selling us your useless electronics. 

We Buy Broken Phones 

We will buy your broken phones with no questions asked. As long as your model phone is on our website, we will buy it! Simply find your phone on our website, select the “damaged” condition, and you will receive an instant quote on the value of the phone. 

We buy broken phones primarily to use them for parts. We partner with service centers that can reuse your broken phone for parts. These parts will help restore an old phone and bring it back to life. This will help someone else be able to enjoy your broken phone rather than throwing it away and hurting the environment.   

Water Damage? No Problem!

We pay cash for broken phones! Did your phone get stuck in the washing machine? We will buy water-damaged phones. We have even paid cash for a broken phone that had been run over my several cars on a highway. Can you believe the phone still powered on after being run over that many times? 

At GreenBuyback we are here to help you out. We specialize in purchasing any quantity of cell phones or tablets that you may have. Whether you are a business or if you just found a broken phone in the drawer of your house. We are here to pay you cash for broken phones. 

Looking to sell a working phone? Click here to sell your cell phone to Green Buybacktoday!