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Sell My Apple TV 3rd Gen

Sell My Apple TV 3rd Gen

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If you’re looking to rent or watch movies, stream video from Hulu, Netflix or Vimeo, access your photos via Flickr or listen to music in your home from iTunes, the upgraded Apple TV 3rd Gen is ideal. The third generation in the line of Apple TVs debuted in 2012; the new version supports up to 1080p, instead of the 720p of the older versions. The AirPlay capabilities are enhanced in the Apple TV 3rd Gen, as well. Selling your Apple TV 3rd Gen is so easy with GreenBuyback; send your Apple TV 3rd Gen to GreenBuyback with free shipping and you’ll get cash sent to you fast! The Apple TV is 3.9 inches square, 0.9 inches high, and weighs 0.6 pounds. This newer version also has new streaming capabilities with HBO, ESPN and more. The Apple TV 3rd Gen is ideal for movies, music, and even shopping via your television. GreenBuyback will buy your Apple TV 3rd Gen in any condition, even broken. Simply head to GreenBuyback to get a quote, send your Apple TV 3rd Gen in, and get cash quick!

Broken Condition

Has major physical issues.
     • Cracked Screen or Body
     • Doesn't Power on or Make Calls
     • Missing Buttons or Parts

Good Condition

Normal signs of everyday use.
     • No Cracks on Screen or Body
     • Powers on and Makes Calls
     • No Major Scratches or Dents
     • Must Have Clean IMEI / ESN

Perfect Condition

Must look like it has never been used.
     • Like New, No dents or Scratches Anywhere
     • No Cracks on Screen or Body
     • Everything Works Perfectly
     • Must Have Clean IMEI / ESN