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How Much is a Used Fitbit Worth?

Most Fitbit purchasers only use their fitness tracker for a few weeks before throwing it into a drawer and forgetting about it. Why not sell it to GreenBuyback for cash? GreenBuyback is the industry leader in used wearable technology trade-ins and buybacks. We purchase almost every Fitbit model and will pay you cash!

How to get cash for your used Fitbit

If you are ready to sell your Fitbit, select the icon below to receive an instant quote. You can then continue to checkout. Don’t see your fitness tracker listed below? Click the I don’t see my device option for a quick quote.

We make it easy to sell your Fitbit at GreenBuyback!

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  1. Sell My Fitbit Sense 2

    Sell My Fitbit Sense 2

    How much is a Fitbit Sense 2 worth?

    *Charger Must Be Included

    *Band Must Be Included

  2. Sell My Fitbit Versa 4

    Sell My Fitbit Versa 4

    Sell My Fitbit Versa 4 Sell your Fitbit Versa 4 for cash at GreenBuyback Select the information above in order to receive an accurate quote to sell your Fitbit Versa 4. Click sell item...
  3. Sell My Fitbit Versa 4

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