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Sell My Oculus VR Headset

How Much is a Used Oculus Worth?

If you recently upgraded your Oculus model, we will pay cash for your old virtual reality device. Sell your Oculus to GreenBuyback for top dollar and use the money towards the purchase of a new VR device. Or If you have no use for your used Oculus, trade it in for cash!

How to get cash for your used Oculus Virtual Reality Headset

Outlined below are all of the most popular Oculus virtual reality headsets. Wearable technology, including VR headsets, hold a strong resale value at GreenBuyback. Simply choose the model below that you’d like to sell. once you click the item, you will receive an immediate quote outlining what we are currently paying. If you agree, head to the checkout and sell your Oculus!

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