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Get Extra Cash This Holiday with GreenBuyback!



With the holidays quickly approaching, it seems as though there are a million presents to buy, hostess gifts to finalize, and parties to attend. Though you want to wow everyone in your life with wonderful gifts, often the spending can simply get out of control. You spend here and there, and before you know it, you’re broke before the holidays. However, we have just the solution for your money woes. Instead of sifting through your car’s glove compartment and couch cushions for coins, head to your junk drawer and take out all of the tech devices you have - we know you have them! Perhaps you have old phones, headphones, gaming consoles, smart watches, or wearable devices just lying around? Send them to GreenBuyback and you’ll get cash for your stuff! Seriously, it’s that easy.

Empty your junk drawer only to find that all of your old devices are broken or have water damage? No need to worry, GreenBuyback is all about recycling technology; in a world where everything is “new, new, new,” we can’t forget about taking the older or broken items and giving them a new lease on life. Green Buyback purchases items even when they’re broken! GreenBuyback simply will never turn down a broken device - if the device is listed GreenBuyback, simply choose the “damaged” condition pricing and proceed to checkout. So, you’ve got more gifts to buy and can’t figure out how to afford them? Head GreenBuyback, get a free quote on all of your old items, use the pre-paid shipping label and send them in for cash - then go shopping while the sales last!

One of the top gifts to get for the holidays are new tech devices; but, what to do with your old ones? It’s a win-win situation all around this holiday season with GreenBuyback! Open your new phone, tablet, or headphones, on Christmas morning and instead of throwing your old devices back in your bedside table drawer, as you’ve always done in the past, package them up and send in your old tech to GreenBuyback; you’ll have a new device in your hands, and cash to spend from your old device, too! Know someone who is getting new devices this holiday season, or are you giving new devices to someone? In their holiday card, let them know that not only is GreenBuyback the best place to sell unwanted, old, or broken, or water damaged tech devices, but if they use the promo code HOLIDAY, they will get an extra $5 at checkout! It’s like an extra stocking stuffer you didn’t even have to buy! Since it’s the season of giving, Green Buyback is giving you $5 more, in our special promotion, for sending your old tech devices in to us; we are committed to recycling tech, and we want to thank you for taking the time to send your devices to us! Don’t let your tech devices keep collecting dust this new year; head to GreenBuyback and start collecting cash instead of old tech devices!

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