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  • Sell Your Oculus For Cash!

    If you want to sell your Oculus headset you have found the right place! GreenBuyback buys back used Oculus models and puts the cash back in your pocket.

    You may want to upgrade your Oculus Go to the new Oculus Quest 2 model. We will pay cash for the Oculus Go. If you'd like to see what your Oculus Go is worth click here.

    Perhaps you already purchased the Oculus Quest 2 or received it as a gift. If you no longer want it, we also purchase this newest model! To find out how much your Oculus Quest 2 to is worth please click here.

    When you sell your Oculus to GreenBuyback we require the Oculus headset to be sent in along with the controllers and charger. If you have the original box you can send that in as well. If you do not know how to reset the unit do not worry! We can quickly factory rest the unit so all of your personal information is deleted.

    We help keep Oculus products out of landfills by finding them a new home where someone else can enjoy the virtual reality experience when you are finished using your device.

    We currently purchase the following models:

    Oculus Go
    Oculus Quest
    Oculus Quest 2

    Click on any of the links above to receive an instant quote to sell your Oculus for cash at GreenBuyback. once you complete the checkout, we will email you a prepaid UPS label where you can ship the Oculus device to us for free. We make payment within 24 hours of receiving your product. Thank you for choosing GreenBuyback when you think of selling your Oculus device!

  • GreenBuyback Now Pays Cash For Pokemon Cards!

    Do you have a box of Pokemon cards collecting dust in your closet? Most of us either had children who collected these cards while growing up or even collected these cards themselves. Surprisingly, we have found that most people we interact with admits they have held on to these cards over the years.

    If you have Pokemon cards currently we'd like to purchase the entire lot! Researching these cards and selling them individually can be very labor intensive. We make it easy to sell the entire collection to us for one payment rather than trying to sell it individually which can take months.

    If you are interested in selling your Pokemon cards for cash, please click here.

    We will collect some basic information about the cards and potentially ask for a few pictures and more specifics. Once we make an offer and agree upon a price, we will provide you with a prepaid UPS label to ship the cards to us. Once we receive the cards, we will make payment via PayPal or check (your choice).

    Please feel free to reach out with any questions. We look forward to paying cash for your Pokemon collection!

  • iPhone 12 comparison. Should I buy the new iPhone?

    The new iPhone 12 is coming out soon. Here is the iPhone 12 comparison so you know which you should buy.   Apple recently held an event to discuss the details of the release and we now have all the information.  First, there will be a few different options for you to choose from.  The four different phone options are as follows: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.  All of them are coming out SOON.  The iPhone 12 can be pre-ordered now, and available on 10/23.  The iPhone 12 mini can be pre-ordred on 11/6, and available 11/13.  The iPhone 12 pro can be pre-ordered now, and available 10/23.  Finally, the iPhone 12 Pro Max can be pre-ordered 11/6 and available 11/13.  

    The new iPhones are faster with 5G.  They are thinner and have tougher glass than previous iPhone models.  The cameras are better and have improved retina display. All the new features sound great and we personally we can't wait to upgrade our phone. Our image here displays the details of each model and we hope you find this helpful!

    If you are wondering when you should sell your old model, the answer is, as soon as possible! The sooner you sell your old model, the best pricing you are able to get from it. Why not sell your model, and purchase the new iPhone 12? With GreenBuyback you can get competitive pricing and a quick and easy way to get cash for your old phone. Go to GreenBuyback and get a free quote today. As always, GreenBuyback purchases a variety of technology. From iPhones, tablets, gaming systems and smartwatches. There are so many options of what we will purchase, and free to get a custom quote if you don't see your item on our website.

  • How To Remove an iCloud Lock From Your iPhone

    If you need to remove your Apple ID / Find My iPhone before sending in your device to Green Buyback, please follow the instructions below. All iPhones (even broken iPhones) must have the device removed from the iCloud account before shipping the phones to us.

    Step 1 - Click "Settings" on the phone and then click the picture at the top that displays your iCloud Account:

    Step 2 - Scroll down to where all of your devices are outlined.

    Step 3: Click the device you'd like to remove from your account and select "remove from account"

    This will delete the device from your account and remove any iCloud lock or Find my iPhone from your account. Your device will then be ready to sell at GreenBuyback. These same steps can be used to remove an iPad or Apple Watch from your account as well.

    Find out how much your Apple iPhone is worth today!

  • Sell My Cell Phone

    Sell My Cell Phone

    GreenBuyback specializes in buying cell phones! We have been purchasing cell phones for years and are an industry leader in the cell phone buyback industry. We pay the highest amounts for cell phones. We analyze our competition and industry trends on a daily basis to ensure you get paid the highest amount for your used cell phone. Click the following link to Sell Your Cell Phone

    Can I Trust GreenBuyback?

    At GreenBuyback we understand that trust is the most
    important factor when selling your cell phone. You want to make sure before you
    send out your expensive cell phone you are dealing with a reputable company. We
    partnered with TrustPilot,
    who is an independent review website. We have a 5 star rating at TrustPilot
    with over 190 reviews on this independent website. You can rest assured if you
    send in your cell phone to sell you will always get paid the amount you check out.
    If we ever receive a cell phone in a different condition than initially stated,
    we will immediately reach out to the customer and work it out. We will never cut
    you a check with a different amount. It is important to do your research when
    selling your cell phone. Always ensure you are using a buyback company that is accredited
    with the Better Business Bureau (here
    is our accreditation
    ). Also, if you can find a website that has many
    reviews that is encouraged.

    We look forward to working with you and paying you the
    highest amount when you sell your cell phone. Please feel free to reach out to
    us anytime if you have questions or would like to sell a device other than a
    cell phone.

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