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Sell Your Cracked iPhone and Broken Screen Phones

Have you recently broken the screen on your iPhone by dropping it? What are the options you have next? We understand that you cannot cut your hand every time you need to use your iPhone. So what can you do with your cracked iPhone? GreenBuyback buys all types of phones with broken screens! Whether the screen is cracked, the back of the phone is shattered, or even if you ran it over with your car, we will buy it back! The phone does not even have to power on. If your iPhone is damaged in any way – we will still buy it from you!

Let us help you purchase your new phone by selling us your cracked iPhone. The costs of screen replacement can be well over $100. If you use your upgrade and the cash we pay you for your cracked iPhone, you could have a brand new phone in no time! Find out how much your cracked iPhone is worth today. Whether you have a cracked iPhone 4 or a broken screen iphone 5 we can help!

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We Buy Cracked Phones!

We also purchase cell phones and tablets with broken or cracked screens. If you have damaged your cell phone or tablet and are not sure what to do with it, click the icons below to find out how much they are worth. Remember, we buy these items in any damaged condition: water damaged, not powering on and completely destroyed.

Having your iPhone get cracked is a terrible situation. Though there are many ways to mend or even fix the problem, most users feel scared to touch their phone thinking they may cause more damage. Apple has long addressed this problem. As a matter of fact, newer models and generations of iPhone have been reinforced with tougher glass that is harder to crack. Early iPhone models really don’t come with durability in its design. The latest generations of iPhones however, were built with more hardwearing materials and tougher components that could last longer without getting cracked or scratched. With that in mind, different iPhone generation require different ways to fix scratch and crack problems. Sometimes the best option is to sell your cracked iPhone to us so we can alleviate the problem without costing you more money to try to fix it which sometimes will not even work.