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  • Sell Your iPad (Pro or Regular) & Trade Up Today

    Thinking of selling your old iPad and using the funds to upgrade or treat yourself to something new? Look no further than GreenBuyback! We offer a simple, secure, and rewarding way to trade in your iPad, whether it's a sleek iPad Pro or a trusty regular iPad, and turn it into top dollar cash. Plus, you'll be doing good for the planet by keeping electronics out of landfills.

    Sell Your iPad Pro & Get Maximum Value:

    Own an iPad Pro? You're sitting on a potential goldmine! iPad Pros are known for their powerful performance, stunning displays, and cutting-edge features. At GreenBuyback, we recognize their value and offer competitive trade-in prices based on your specific model, condition, and storage capacity. Whether you have the latest 12.9-inch M1 iPad Pro or an older 11-inch A12Z Bionic model, we'll ensure you get a fair and transparent quote in seconds.

    Here's why GreenBuyback is the perfect choice for selling your iPad Pro:

    • Get the most cash: Unlike other trade-in services, we don't lowball. We use real-time market data to ensure you get the highest possible price for your iPad Pro.
    • Seamless trade-in: Our process is quick and hassle-free. Get an instant quote online, pack your iPad Pro securely with our free UPS shipping label, and send it off. We'll take care of the rest!
    • Upgrade with ease: Use your trade-in cash to trade up to the latest iPad Pro model or any other tech gadget you desire.
    • Peace of mind: We prioritize your security and privacy. We use industry-standard data wiping techniques to completely erase all your personal information before processing your iPad Pro.
    • Eco-friendly choice: Selling your iPad Pro to GreenBuyback means it will be responsibly recycled or refurbished, preventing harmful e-waste from entering landfills.

    Plus, enjoy these additional benefits when selling any iPad with GreenBuyback:

    • Fast and secure payouts: Receive your cash the same day we receive your device. (Choose PayPal for this option)
    • Exceptional customer service: Our friendly team is always here to answer your questions and guide you through the process.
    • Convenient shipping: We provide free UPS shipping labels and for your convenience.

    Ready to give your old iPad a new life and get rewarded? Sell it to GreenBuyback today! Get an instant quote online and experience the difference.

  • Buy Back iPads


    Looking for a place to sell your old iPad? GreenBuyback provides an easy to use online platform that gives you instant quotes to find out how much your iPad is worth. Not only can yo find out how much it is worth, you can sell it to GreenBuyback. When you check out on our website, the quote is good for 30 days. We provide you with a free UPS shipping label. GreenBuyback makes it easy to sell your iPad.


    You most likely recently upgraded to a new iPad. You may have a nice iPad 2 that you are no longer using. You know there is value in the iPad, but are not sure exactly how much it is worth. You can always turn to GreenBuyback to buy back your iPad. We help eliminate the issue of listing your iPad on an auction site or meeting up with a stranger selling it on another forum. We will find a new home for your old iPad. Why not get cash in hand rather than leave your old iPad to collect dust?


    If you cracked your screen or dropped it in water, GreenBuyback will still buy it back! Simply select the iPad you'd like to sell on our website, and select "damaged" condition. Whether the iPad has been run over, or left all night in a bath tub, we will buy it from you. We will salvage any parts we can and keep your iPad out of a landfill. We want to put cash back in your pocket and save the earth one step at a time. Don't throw away that broken iPad, let us buy it back from you today!


    We are constantly analyzing the iPad buy back markets and always strive to pay the highest in our industry. We developed a great program that easily allows you to get a quick quote and sell your iPad back to us. We currently purchase all iPad models in any condition. We provide you with a free UPS label to ship us your iPad. As soon as we receive the iPad we pay you by check or Paypal payment (your choice when checking out)


    Click on any of the links below to find our how much your iPad is worth. Remember, prices change all of the time. It is best to checkout on our site and lock that price for 30 days. Find out how much your iPad is worth by clicking the links below:

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