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  • Holiday Aftermath | Sell Your Old Cell Phone For Cash

    You may have been lucky enough to receive a new cell phone this Holiday. You may be unboxing and activating the phone today. We want to let you know that you can sell your old cell phone to GreenBuyback! Most of our customers have cell phones in their drawers because they do not know where to dispose of them. Many people also do not understand that their phones hold cash value even if they are damaged or not functioning.

    If you have an old cell phone or tablet that you will no longer be using, why not find out how much it is worth? Find out How Much Your Phone is Worth today! GreenBuyback is proud to say that we typically pay the highest prices in the buyback industry. You will definitely score more cash than if you try to trade in your phone at a local cell phone store. We also can guarantee a better experience than using an auction site. No more meeting people, waiting for payments or dealing with companies that offer rock-bottom prices.

    GreenBuyback makes selling your cell phone or tablet an easy process. Simply find your item on our site, select the condition it is in, and check out if you agree with the price. You will receive a free UPS shipping label to send your items in. Once we receive the items we will make payment the same day! Payment is made via PayPal or check.

    Can't find your item to sell on our website? Fill out this form and we will make you an offer within 24 hours. We are here to help you get the most cash for your used items. Don't throw your phone in a drawer this Holiday, sell it to GreenBuyback.

    Be Green - Get Green with GreenBuyback!

  • Xbox Live Hacked on Christmas Day

    Did you unwrap an Xbox One this Christmas? After unboxing and hooking it all up you most likely found out that Xbox Live is down today. A group of hackers "Lizard Squad" are claiming that they caused this interruption on Christmas Day.

    Screen shot below from their Twitter account:

    I unfortunately found this out after I settled in from unwrapping presents and wanted to play a little Halo Master Chief Collection. I was already used to that game not working but then saw the Xbox live message and turned to Twitter for more info. This "hacker' group seems less interested in what they did compared to asking for RT's, Follows, and Favorites (See below)

    This doesn't look like a group of hackers to me. This seems to be someone claiming to have caused a problem and looking to build followers on Twitter for it. In any event I'm sure everything will be back up and running soon. In the mean time enjoy spending time with your family. Have a happy Holiday!

  • Did You Upgrade Your Phone this Holiday? Get Cash For Your Old Phone.

    If you are one of the many thousands of lucky people to receive a new smartphone or tablet this year, you may be wondering where can I sell my old phone? GreenBuyback makes it easy for you to cash in on your old phone and help you put money back in your pocket. Unlike many auctions websites, we give you the 30-day guarantee offer up-front for your device. No more guessing if that buyer will actually pay when you sell on an auction site. We make the process simple! We provide free UPS shipping labels so you can send in your devices that you want to sell. Want a check or PayPal payment? No problem, we will send you your cash as soon as we receive your device!

    So what will you do with your extra cash this Holiday? When you sell your old cell phone or tablet, you will have that extra cash to pay your cell phone bill or even new accessories for your new device!

    Did you get a new iPhone this Holiday? Sell us your old iPhone! We will buy your old iPhone in any condition! Find our How much your iPhone is worth today! Make sure to check out and lock in that 30-day guaranteed price from GreenBuyback. If you know you are receiving a new phone in the next month it is best to lock in that price!

    Have a great Holiday from the GreenBuyback staff! We hope to hear from you soon, and appreciate all of the business!

  • GreenBuyback is Paying YOU Cash this Cyber Monday!

    Celebrate this Cyber Monday by making money rather than spending it with GreenBuyback! GreenBuyback is a unique company that does not take money from its customers, it PAYS cash to all of its customers.

    How does GreenBuyback Work?

    We pay cash for cell phones and tablets! If you have a used cell phone or tablet around the house, GreenBuyback will pay cash for it! We also purchase many other items such as computers, air cards, headphones, video games consoles, and much more!

    Get a Free Quote on Your Items Today! 

    Use our website to search for the cell phone or tablet you'd like to sell. Enter the model and condition and you will receive an instant quote! Use our one-step checkout to create a PREPAID UPS label. Once we you mail your items and we receive them we will send your CASH the same day! We pay via PayPal or check.

    So what are you waiting for? Find out how much your cell phone or tablet is worth now!

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