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  • Where Can I Sell My Airpods Max?

    If you are searching online for a place to sell your Apple Airpods Max you have come to the right place! GreenBuyback pays top dollar for you Apple Airpods Max.


    The Apple Airpods Max are an over the ear wireless headphone that was released in December 2020. These are very good noise cancelling headphones.

    If you purchased them and weren't really satisfied with the quality, GreenBuyback will happily buy them back from you. GreenBuyback gives you an avenue to receive cash for your Airpods Max quickly. Simply click the link above to find out how much your Airpods Max are worth. If you like the value we are paying, simply follow the checkout process. Once you checkout, you will receive an email with a link for a prepaid UPS shipping label. Ship the Airpods Max to us and we will cut you a check or pay via PayPal typically the same day we receive the Airpods Max.

    Remember to send in all accessories that came with the item when shipping your Airpods Max to GreenBuyback. We will reuse the Airpods Max and find a new home for them. We help stay Green by keeping the Airpods Max out of landfills and into a new home for someone else to enjoy.

    We look forward to receiving your Apple Airpods Max and paying you CASH so you can upgrade to a new pair of headphones!

  • Where Can I Sell My Oculus Quest?

    Where can I sell my Oculus Quest?

    The best place to sell your Oculus Quest is GreenBuyback. GreenBuyback specializes in buying all Oculus Quest models. GreenBuyback will pay by check or PayPal for your Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2.

    The Oculus Quest was released in 2019. By this time you may be looking to upgrade to a newer model of the VR Headset. GreenBuyback will purchase your Oculus Quest in good condition or perfect condition. Each condition pays different amounts, rewarding you the best price for the best condition. You can send in all accessories when you ship the Oculus Quest as GreenBuyback requires you to send in the working Oculus Quest with both controllers. You can sell your Oculus Quest by clicking here.

    The Oculus Quest 2 was released in 2020. If you purchased this unit and no longer want to play, or it simply wasn't living up to the media hype, GreenBuyback will purchase the Oculus Quest 2 here.

    GreenBuyback also pays cash for the Oculus Go model. One of the legacy units that Oculus initially came out with, it was released in 2018. You may be ready to sell this Oculus Go model and upgrade to a newer unit. GreenBuyback will buy this Oculus Go here.

    GreenBuyback makes it easy for you to sell your Oculus Quest. Get a free quote today. Shipping is always free when you sell your Oculus Quest to GreenBuyback. Selling your Oculus Quest 2 will help get some extra cash for that next upgrade!

  • Extra Video Games Around The House? Get Cash for Them Now!

    Playing video games is a daily routine for many people in the US. Most of us have accumulated various video game systems over the years. Although the legacy systems are nostalgic, most consoles are collecting dust in homes across America.

    Unless you have a garage sale, most people don't know how or where they can sell their video game systems. The burdensome costs of shipping these units is also a hindrance when selling them.

    If you are interested in selling your video games consoles and games GreenBuyback can help you! GreenBuyback pays cash for video game systems that you no longer use. We purchase Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo consoles.

    We even buy back Xbox controllers here!

    If you decide to sell your video game unit to GreenBuyback, we provide free UPS shipping labels via email after you checkout. All you need to do is pack up the video game console and accessories and affix the prepaid UPS label to the box. After you pack up the box, drop off the package at your local UPS or authorized UPS retailer. Once we receive the package, we will make payment within 24 hours by check or PayPal.

    We make it easy to sell your gaming console at GreenBuyback! If you do not see the console on our website you can also send us an email using our custom quote form and we will review and potentially make you an offer depending on the gaming system you'd like to sell.

    Thanks again for using GreenBuyback to see your video game system and other electronics!

  • Sell Your Macbook For Cash!

    GreenBuyback has been paying cash for Macbooks for years! We understand that purchasing a Macbook is an expensive decision. When it comes time to upgrade your Macbook, GreenBuyback can help you pay for your new Macbook. We buy used Macbook and Macbook Pro models in any condition! After you sell us your old Macbook you can use the cash toward your new Apple Macbook purchase.

    In order to find out how much your Macbook is worth click the underlined hyperlink. Our website gives fast and accurate quotes for all Macbook Pro models that current have cash value. If you do not see your model listed simply fill out our custom quote form and a GreenBuyback representative will get back to you with an offer quickly.

    We are glad you found our website and look forward to your business for years to come!

  • Sell Your Oculus For Cash!

    If you want to sell your Oculus headset you have found the right place! GreenBuyback buys back used Oculus models and puts the cash back in your pocket.

    You may want to upgrade your Oculus Go to the new Oculus Quest 2 model. We will pay cash for the Oculus Go. If you'd like to see what your Oculus Go is worth click here.

    Perhaps you already purchased the Oculus Quest 2 or received it as a gift. If you no longer want it, we also purchase this newest model! To find out how much your Oculus Quest 2 to is worth please click here.

    When you sell your Oculus to GreenBuyback we require the Oculus headset to be sent in along with the controllers and charger. If you have the original box you can send that in as well. If you do not know how to reset the unit do not worry! We can quickly factory rest the unit so all of your personal information is deleted.

    We help keep Oculus products out of landfills by finding them a new home where someone else can enjoy the virtual reality experience when you are finished using your device.

    We currently purchase the following models:

    Oculus Go
    Oculus Quest
    Oculus Quest 2

    Click on any of the links above to receive an instant quote to sell your Oculus for cash at GreenBuyback. once you complete the checkout, we will email you a prepaid UPS label where you can ship the Oculus device to us for free. We make payment within 24 hours of receiving your product. Thank you for choosing GreenBuyback when you think of selling your Oculus device!

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