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  • Amazon Gift Card Contest Winner Announcement!


    Hey Justin ( @justints21 )! Congrats!!! You were randomly selected to win the $50 Amazon Gift Card!!! Please DM us on Twitter and we will send the code over to you.

    We want to thank everyone who RT'd the message. We will definitely be holding more contests soon. Please remember you can always cell your old cell phones and tablets for cash to GreenBuyBack,

  • GreenBuyback’s March Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!



    Do you want a free $50 Amazon Gift Card? You can enter for your chance to win today! Please read below for the official rules:

    Follow @GreenBuyback on Twitter

    -> Retweet this contest message:

    Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Follow @GreenBuyback and RT this message. Winner chosen 4/16 Rules:

    Retweet this message between 3/16/15 and 4/15/16.

    We will announce the lucky winner on our blog and social media channels on 4/16/15.  GreenBuyback will pick this winner at random. If the winner does not respond within 24 hours, a different winner will be chosen. Good luck!

  • How Much is my Phone Number Worth?

    How Much is my Phone Number Worth?

    We have been doing a lot of research if phone numbers hold value. Years ago (before number porting) phone numbers carried high values. We wanted to take a look at this again and see what the current market conditions offered for selling phone numbers in the United States.

    Many of our searches came up with answers from old articles written pre-2003. We did stumble upon some interesting websites that offer the service to sell your phone number. The first company we found was Vanity Tel.
    Vanity Tel is an auction site that allows you to list your phone number for a small fee (assuming you have a good number that people would see out). Once your number is in their registry, people and businesses will be able to see it in Vanity Tel’s search. If someone is interested in it, they can make you an offer. There are also geographical restrictions on selling numbers in some cases. Vanity Tel sidesteps this by offering a 99 year lease which is essentially “selling” your phone number.

    If you are in the market to purchase a vanity phone number, you may want to check out Phone Number Guy. Phone Number Guy allows you to quickly search by area code or your favorite numbers to see if any are available. Our quick search showed that prices could go up to as high as $1999.00. This may be another website to contact if you were looking to sell your phone number.

    If anyone has any other feedback on the phone number reselling industry please make sure to comment below.

    How Much is my Phone Worth?

    If you are thinking about selling your phone number why not find out how much your old phone is worth? GreenBuyback pays top dollar phone cell phones. If you have an old phone lying around the house why not get paid cash for it?

    Get a Free Quote Today

    How Much is my Cell Phone Worth?
    How Much is My Tablet Worth?

  • Buy Back iPads


    Looking for a place to sell your old iPad? GreenBuyback provides an easy to use online platform that gives you instant quotes to find out how much your iPad is worth. Not only can yo find out how much it is worth, you can sell it to GreenBuyback. When you check out on our website, the quote is good for 30 days. We provide you with a free UPS shipping label. GreenBuyback makes it easy to sell your iPad.


    You most likely recently upgraded to a new iPad. You may have a nice iPad 2 that you are no longer using. You know there is value in the iPad, but are not sure exactly how much it is worth. You can always turn to GreenBuyback to buy back your iPad. We help eliminate the issue of listing your iPad on an auction site or meeting up with a stranger selling it on another forum. We will find a new home for your old iPad. Why not get cash in hand rather than leave your old iPad to collect dust?


    If you cracked your screen or dropped it in water, GreenBuyback will still buy it back! Simply select the iPad you'd like to sell on our website, and select "damaged" condition. Whether the iPad has been run over, or left all night in a bath tub, we will buy it from you. We will salvage any parts we can and keep your iPad out of a landfill. We want to put cash back in your pocket and save the earth one step at a time. Don't throw away that broken iPad, let us buy it back from you today!


    We are constantly analyzing the iPad buy back markets and always strive to pay the highest in our industry. We developed a great program that easily allows you to get a quick quote and sell your iPad back to us. We currently purchase all iPad models in any condition. We provide you with a free UPS label to ship us your iPad. As soon as we receive the iPad we pay you by check or Paypal payment (your choice when checking out)


    Click on any of the links below to find our how much your iPad is worth. Remember, prices change all of the time. It is best to checkout on our site and lock that price for 30 days. Find out how much your iPad is worth by clicking the links below:

  • How Much Is My Phone Worth?


    People always contact us and ask “how much is my phone worth”? Unless you are working in our industry, most people do not understand the value their cell phone has. Many people purchase a cell phone every 2 years and simply move on from their old phone. A lot of our customers put their cell phone in a drawer at home in case they need a backup. Some people know there is value but simply not know where to turn to find out how much their phone is worth. GreenBuyback makes the process easy! We provide up to date industry leading pricing. Our analysts are constantly researching the cell phone reselling market in order for us to provide you with the most competitive pricing in the industry.  If you are looking for a benchmark on how much your phone is worth, turn to GreenBuyback. We provide top dollar in payments for your used phones. We also eliminate any hassle of using an auction website or meeting up with someone you do not know. Avoid all the hassle and find out how much your phone is worth today!


    Currently our highest paying model is the iPhone 6 Plus 128GB in perfect condition. This is paying $605.00 to anyone that sells to GreenBuyback. For any other phone that you want to find out how much it is worth, simply follow the steps on the website:

    1) Find the phone you’d like to sell on our website
    2) Select the condition and outlined specifications of your phone.
    3) Upon selection you will see our offer. If you agree with the offer, complete the easy checkout process.
    4) After you checkout you will receive a prepaid UPS label where you can then ship us your phone free of charge!

    We work hard to ensure you get paid the highest value for your used cell phone. Our average payout per customer is $237.40. Find out how much your phone is worth today.


    Yes! You can sell your broken phone at GreenBuyback. Many people think if their phone is water damaged, or has a cracked screen, the phone has not value. That is not the case! We understand that accidents happen and you should not be penalized for shattering a screen. Instead of throwing away your phone, why not collect cash for that broken phone and put it towards the purchase of a new cell phone?

    The highest price we are currently paying for a broken phone is the iPhone 6 Plus 128GB. Damaged condition is $275! Now that is better than throwing it in a drawer or the garbage!


    We offer 2 forms of payment at GreenBuyback. You can receive payment in the form of check or PayPal. We make payment once we have received your item(s). Our inspection team will verify the device you send in matches with what you checked out as initially. Once verified, payments are typically made within 24 hours of receiving them into our inventory. We pay much faster than our competitors who in some cases take up to 2 weeks to process and make payments! If you are looking for top dollar and a fast payment stick with GreenBuyback!


    Your data is our top priority at GreenBuyback. All items that we receive at GreenBuyback are data wiped back to factory settings. We remove SD cards and Sim cards that are left in the phone. Nothing that is resold will ever have your information left on it. It is our main concern to ensure your data is eliminated from the device immediately upon us accepting it into our inventory.


    Your phone will most likely be data reset, refurbished, and sold on the secondary market. This will allow someone else who may not be able to afford a brand new phone enjoy a gently used phone for a fraction of the cost. We may use damaged items for parts to fix other broken items. It is our goal to use everything that we purchase. We have a zero-waste policy that means nothing we purchase ends up in a landfill. We use every component that is purchased at GreenBuyback. Our motto is Be Green | Get Green and we want you to feel great that you not only made some cash, but also helped one less phone end up in a landfill and most likely helped out someone that is need of a phone.

    So why not get a free quote today?

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